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We are a group of committed leaders who have benefited from the life transforming experience of participation in one of several major leadership development programs dedicated to furthering the common good across societies. Our current board represents alumni of ACE, Ashoka, AARP, Eisenhower, IEL, K.P. Burch, NLA, W.K. Kellogg, and Salzburg fellowship programs, among others. In the short term, we intend to extend this group, so that eventually our efforts (and our board) reflect representation from a full spectrum of transformational leadership development programs from around the world.

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Our vision at ALF is to build and strengthen relationships and foster teamwork among a diverse, worldwide community of experienced leaders passionately dedicated to the critical work of promoting equitable and sustainable human flourishing. We aspire to support focused learning and collaboration within relevant communities of practice, to deepen effectiveness within these domains, to support interdisciplinary efforts, and to strengthen relationships across differences, including perceived differences in nationality, culture, religion, race, gender identity/orientation and ideology. We also aspire to articulate and promote strong ethical standards for leaders and to provide mentorship and coaching to a new generation of emerging leaders through the relationships that we build together. Through a “team of teams” strategy, we are committed to doing our work through active collaborations with kindred organizations such as the International Leadership Association, Foodtank, the Social Justice Initiative, and the National Human Services Assembly. Our networks extend far beyond these groups already, engaging activists, scholars and policy makers from coast to coast and from beyond the United States. We believe that there is great, often untapped influence and a unique capacity available if we can draw on the imagination, commitment and expertise of such a wide and diverse network.

Today we invite you to join our community. We look to work alongside you to support your efforts in promoting equitable and sustainable human flourishing, and to nurture your work through collaboration within our community of Fellows. This can be through partnering with us to organize a Talk That Walks program in your area of expertise, or helping us build and activate a specific community of practice in a shared area of interest and impact.

How You Can Engage

First, apply to become a Fellow simply by sharing your profile and contact information. Fill out this form. Upon review, we will induct you into the Alliance of Leadership Fellows as an active member. While we welcome contributions, fellowship does not entail any financial obligation.

We believe that overcoming the most difficult challenges facing communities today requires genuine collaboration among effective and ethical leaders, through efforts that extend from the grassroots to the world’s most privileged organizations. If our global, national, or even local leadership lacks capability or ethics, then the significant challenges we face will persist and even intensify. Leadership for the common good continues to be our most precious resource and our most pressing challenge.

Join us today in creating a worldwide community of leaders who are committed to fundamentally change the future for the common good. We want to help you, and also we need your help.

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