Membership in the Alliance



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Fellow Engagement

The Alliance of Leadership Fellows has three tiers of fellow engagement. Our fellowship categories celebrate and enhance missional alignment and supportive engagement between the fellow and the Alliance as an organization. Members of the general public may participate in programs of the Alliance without becoming fellows.


Founding Fellows

Founding Fellows are Fellows of the Alliance who have contributed $10,000 in total financial support to the work of the Alliance and/or have contributed more than 500 hours of volunteer services, or a combination thereof.


Senior Fellows

Senior Fellows are Fellows of the Alliance who contribute $1,000 annually to support the work of the Alliance and/or contribute volunteer services of 50 hours per year, or a combination thereof.



A Fellow provides contact information to the Alliance, agrees to receive and respond to communications from the Alliance and other Fellows, and affirms commitment through action and advocacy to the Alliance’s vision and working statement of values and ethics. 



Fellows are accepted into the Alliance by its Board of Directors after reviewing their application for membership and completing an interview. Fellows are invited to support the work of the Alliance through voluntary contributions of service and/or financial donations. Fellows will become active in one or more working groups, projects or committees of the Alliance. Fellows may be designated as Senior or Founding by the Board of Directors upon review of their history of engagement with and support of the Alliance through financial support, volunteer services or a combination thereof.
All fellows of the Alliance agree to live by its Working Statement of Values and Ethics (available at this link).